A coarse-grained, clastic rock composed of angular rock fragments (larger than 2 mm) commonly bonded by a mineral cement in a finer-grained matrix of varying composition and origin. The consolidated equivalent of rubble.
   Compare: conglomerate.

Glossary of landform and geologic terms. 2013.

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  • Breccia — (pronEng|ˈbrɛtʃiə, ˈbrɛʃiə, it. breach) is a rock composed of angular fragments of several minerals or rocks in a matrix, that is a cementing material, that may be similar or different in composition to the fragments. A breccia may have a variety …   Wikipedia

  • Breccia — Brec cia, n. [It., breach, pebble, fragments of stone, fr. F. br[ e]che; of German origin. See {Breach}.] (Geol.) A rock composed of angular fragments either of the same mineral or of different minerals, etc., united by a cement, and commonly… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • breccia — noun A rock composed of angular fragments in a matrix that may be of a similar or a different material …   Wiktionary

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